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Monday, October 8, 2012

Upstairs Downstairs Disappointment

Have you watched the tv show Upstairs Downstairs? It's been on Masterpiece theater the past two Sundays. Last week I fell in love with it. Especially the matron of the family - Maude. Last night I watched the 3rd episode and what do you think? Maude entered in an urn. Yep, dead. It jumps forward a few years. I was disappointed with that, with Maude dead, my favorite character, no appearance from the maid lady who runs the household, another favorite character, Ivy is nowhere to be seen, the fun young maid. What??? At least Persephone does show up, but wait a minute, just long enough to kiss her brother in law. Now, I like a little naughtiness in a show. When she was using the chauffeur it was a mixed blessing, yes it was kind of fun and exciting to have that element, but rather sad to see how little she cared about the person. Now Hallam? I liked this guy in the first two episodes, he seems like the upstanding, noble British man. But now? Not happy. I did like the storyline with the butler. He's cool. Can't help but like him. I also thought it perfect that the young footman has not in a few years grown any additional brain cells. And I'm hoping life becomes very difficult for Persephone soon.

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