Monday, August 23, 2010

Exercise Guild - Week 2

If you want to track your exercise with me, reply to this post with your goals and I will post them. Then reply either each day or however often you wish, and I will put your progress next to your goal. I am now in week 2 of tracking my exercise this way again and it is also week two of my rededication to eat better and exercise more. I'm doing better than I was before I was tracking my progress, but I would still like to improve even more this week. Last week was stressful and I hope that through exercise and a better diet, I can deal with stress better this week.

My goals:
Go to yoga class (1hr twice a week) 8/23
Go for a walk (around 20 minutes) 8/22, 8/24
Eat veggies at lunch 8/25 2 baby carrots, but I'm counting it!
Limit junk drinks 8/22, 8/24, 8/25 amazingly, I've been doing well on this

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