Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Beach

I like the idea of setting a goal to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. This relates to a lot of goals I have for my life, including physical health, saving money for a long-term goal, and planning to do something fun with people. So, what is the best beach to set this goal for? Give me a few options, but keep them as inexpensive as possible. Just affording a trip period will be about what I'll be able to manage. Imagining that I had the perfect everything for the trip, including enough money, I think I would really love to go the south of France, Italy, Spain, somewhere like that. But I think that requires an awful lot more planning and money and it's harder to get other people to do the same to go on a trip like that with you. But if you say, I'm going to California, wanna come? I think it's easier to find people to go with you. So let me hear your suggestions of where I should plan to go.


  1. If you want your swim to be a warm swim then you need to go to the gulf of Mexico anywhere from texas to Florida. If you don't mind wearing a wet suit then california is just fine. I've been to a beach in north carolina, southern california, and northern california. The northern california water was cold. The southern california was bearable and the east coast was such a long time ago I don't really remember. Anyhow, I say go to california it's close it's beautiful and if you've never been it's a great place to start.

  2. I just prefer to go to Scotland and find my ancestors. Boring to some but better than drowning.