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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feeling Empowered

So, I might not have said this a few days ago, or even last night. However, today this is how I feel. And it might seem quite opposite to go about it this way, but part of feeling this has been to list all the problems I want to fix in my life. Instead of just listing the problem (which I had no trouble coming up with 5 pages worth), I am also writing down the solutions I think exist, the obstacles I believe are keeping me from getting the solution or would keep me from it, AND (this is the empowered part) how to overcome those obstacles. Of course, I have done step 1. That took a while. And I am going to do the other three steps, no fears about that. I want to share this process with you, so I will start by posting one problem I put on my list and then once I have the other three steps done for it, I'll post those.

It's interesting, I attribute this feeling to a) the fact that I have exercised for 4 days straight (today I did not, but I felt this was more important today) and b) to feeling that a lot of the world is illusion and identifying it as such. For this ability to see much of the world as illusion (and it is increasing exponentially from day to day) I credit the disappointing eye-opener that was the series finale of Lost. Nothing in my life (and that's saying a lot) has done more to help me see how much of the modern world is one big shell game than that ending. And, as a prayer for the rest of humanity, may you have such blessed results from such undeserving sources also. May all dried-up riverbeds provide you with the spring of life that is escaping whatever shackles you.

Oh, so one of my problems I wrote down is my diet. I'll post the solutions, obstacles, and ways to overcome those in my next post. Feel free to post something you feel empowered to change.

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