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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Craft Fanatic

I'll have to take some pictures of the different craft projects I'm working on as well as the ones I want to start. It's rather like a kid in a toy store. No sooner do I start one project then another catches my eye and then I think of something else, etc. I'll never do all the things I want, or probably even all the things I've started. But I LOVE thinking I will (I'm more of a dreamer than a doer). So although I have been known to be a great collector of cross stitch patterns, books, and magazines, I have lately been acquiring more books on various crafts. I've starting looking for them in secondhand stores and yard sales where I can get them much more cheaply than I used to (I still cave and buy brand new ones, though not being able to locate my debit card tonight prevented such a purchase). Although I am lately completely disgusted with consumer society (and actually, a lot of things in modern society that go with the whole "let's control how you think and feel about stuff, but make it seem benign, like what you consider a funny joke or the right brand of paint to buy", such as believing that you need to stay abreast of national, regional, and international politics and trends or that the best music is not what's being played on your neighbor's piano), I am still completely, hopelessly, heartsick for and devoted to all things craft. Though you could sway me away from thinking I need to go to the mall scrapbooking store or chain craft store to get ideas or supplies, as I am liking the idea of libraries, thrift stores and yard sales, internet and people you know as my sources. For instance, in one old craft book, there are instructions on how to make things out of pewter. Seriously. That seemed really cool (though somewhat dangerous as you need one of the most powerful acids out there for this). Or constructing a small wooden cradle. Or making your own stuffed toys Well, there were all kinds of crafts and lots of great ideas, so I think I may start posting stuff from my finds as well current loves and passions and projects here.

For now, a Lust List:

a sewing machine (yep, I do not own one)
my own quilt frames
a stand for cross stitch frames
a nice big strong quilting hoop
more binders for storing the magazines I buy
a strong wooden bookcase for housing all those heavy binders
the clever and cute little embroidery scissors in some fanciful shape
a leather thimble
Gingher scissors
a workspace (like the modular wooden pieces you can buy at Roberts)
a Cricut or Sizzix or something on those lines
a nice large pan for baking cakes
a book on decorating cakes
simple patterns for sewing things for babies and toddlers (since I could donate these to needy people in the program at my work) or for making some simple household things (like blinds or curtains, or those things that block the cold out at the bottom of the door)

That should do for now. Feel free to post anything this inspires you to think of, wonder about, etc. Pictures of your current craft projects or any cool things you have acquired are welcome (and of course, you retain the right to your pictures, I don't try to usurp that the way other websites would - well, you know, large corporate types).


  1. Yes, Dellitt, I, too enjoy making things such as right now I am designing my dressing room. Will let you put a picture after I've got it finished

  2. Well, of course you do take on the much bigger, more ambitious and skilled projects, but I really admire that about you. I hope I get to put my 2 cents in about how you design it before it gets put into stone.