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Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is the name of the book I'm currently reading. It's by Jacqueline Carey and is a fantasy novel. I was reading it last year but I can't remember if I finished it (I think I did not, but almost) so I found a place where I felt I remembered basically all that had happened up to that point and began reading it again. It's a fun story and very well written and I'm very interested and even attached to several characters and their storylines. So I'm sad that there's only one other book after this one.

It's interesting what keeps us intrigued in a book and I wonder what that is. Because another fantasy book I started about a year and a half ago I have never gotten very into, and there happen to be quite a few books after this one and they've made a tv series on it and each of those books are a lot bigger than this one (they are the books that Terry Goodkind wrote, the first is Wizard's First Rule, but I have never gotten very far in it).

And then there are the books that are so powerful and moving and completely capture you. Not just your fanciful imagination, but your very soul. Like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now there is a book worth risking running into a burning building for. It is my all-time favorite book, I think. I think it helps that when I was a kid, maybe 9 or so, they had The Hunchback of Notre Dame on t.v. Maybe it was a mini-series or something, but it impacted me quite a bit (never mind all the 7-up commercials with Quasimodo being lashed and mocked in the town on the little revolving platform with Esmeralda giving him a soda when he begs for water). The t.v. show had a quite an impact, but then reading the actual book, wow! Such a great expose, so to speak, on hypocrisy, sin, and redemption, and of course, beauty and love.

I'd love to hear about books that fit into each of these categories for you (the book you started but didn't finish but it has called to you, the one you just keep ignoring because it doesn't call to you, and the one that lives and breathes inside you).


  1. I'm reminded of my experience with Wuthering Heights. I tried to read it in high school, but couldn't get a handle on all the characters. But after I watched a film version I got it and couldn't wait to read the book all the way through. Now it's one of my favorites. I think that's when movies are the best - when they inspire you to read a book that becomes a friend for life.

  2. Oh yes, some books you have to be the right age for or have had the right life experiences to appreciate. I tried Shakespeare as a 12 year old or so. The misogyny was just unbearable. I didn't make it past the first page of Romeo and Juliet. Fast forward a few years. Can not get enough of Romeo and Juliet.