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Monday, December 1, 2008

Coldplay concert and other topics

I was going to wait to post about the Coldplay concert until I could post pictures, but I decided not to wait. As if there could be any doubt, it was absolutely phenomenal. They were incredible and, of course, even better live than through a scratchy radio or cd. They put so much energy into every song they performed, it was awesome. And the crowd was great, too. It was just tons of fun. I would have loved it if it had lasted longer or if I could have gone the next day to another one. They are actually doing a ton of concerts in the UK right up through Dec 23 and then more in 09 through March and are even doing some in September (in case you needed an excuse to go to England next year). The best part was that for the one encore performance they did (yeah, I would have liked more), they performed Yellow and it was amazing. I so love that song. I go back and forth between Yellow and Viva la Vida being my favorites, but that night, Yellow was definitely it for me. They opened the show with Violet Hill, which was a good song to open with. They interspersed almost all of the songs from the Viva la Vida cd throughout the concert. I think it was for Lovers in Japan that they released paper butterflies from above like confetti. It was so colorful and beautiful. Then for another song (I want to say it was Speed of Sound) they kept releasing the paper butterflies, but the lights were low and the butterflies glowed in the dark different colors. It was way cool. They also did a very awesome piano version of The Hardest Part, it was so beautiful. They even came into the audience near where we were sitting (which was not the 12th row, like I thought, long story)and performed The Scientist and a song that Will sang, which I didn't know the name of. There was one other song they performed onstage that I didn't know either. The other songs they played came from the X & Y album and A Rush of Blood to the Head album. Politik is so awesome live. Will did a great job on the drums. And of course, they played Fix You and it was wonderful, I just love that song. The one song I wasn't as crazy about was Chinese Sleep Chant, which I've never really minded when I've listened to it on the cd. Oh, they also played Talk and God Put a Smile Upon Your Face and Clocks and In My Place and I think that's it.

This is still Coldplay related, but I wanted to share it. This is a video of one of their concerts (not the one I went to) and it even has Jay-Z in it for a little minute. It's the song Lost from the new cd.

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