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Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Best Alternative Rock Artists

In no particular order:

Depeche Mode
They Might Be Giants
New Order
Matchbox Twenty
Barenaked Ladies
The Killers

Oh wait, yeah, I think I've ranked them in the order I like them best. How would you order this list? How would you change it? What is your favorite song by any of these groups?


  1. wow the killers I don't think I know who they are? I do like U2 and matchbox 20 if I may I would like to say I like the band live and fuel.

  2. The Killers are a relatively new band. Their lead singer is from Nephi, but they're popular nationwide, because I saw a music video of theirs on VH1. Let's see, the new song they have out is Human (where he sings, are we human or are we dancers), but they also have the one where he sings "I met your boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year" and also the song that was more of a hit where he sings about not wanting to think about this girl with another guy and then proceeds to describe exactly what he imagines they're doing.

    I've never actually heard of Live or Fuel (well, I might have heard of Live, but I can't connect them with any songs in my head). Who are they?

  3. Yeah now I recognize the killers by the song about boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend line.
    Live did a song called lightining crashes you might recognize that song.

  4. Some of these groups, I've never heard of. Erasure would be my first pick.