Thursday, September 24, 2015

Like the lady who fed Elijah

my store of never-before-seen-nor-heard names never runs out


Dorka - I think it is probably a nickname for Dorcas or a misspelling or wrongly transcribed (not looking at the original record)

Kimbra - perhaps this is a modern invention based on names like Kimberley and Cambria.

Louirinda - I'm trying to guess at how to pronounce this! "loo ee rin dah" or "loo rin dah" or "lah rin dah" or "lur ine dah". Got any suggestions?

Tempy - It seems like it should be a nickname for Temperance. Kind of cute, huh?

Veneda - Not sure if this is an invented name or bonafide. I want to say it 'vuh nay dah' or maybe it's 'vuh nee duh'. But it might be misspelled. "van uh duh"?


Clabote - ideas on what this might actually be and how it's said? I want to say it's Clampitt, like the hillbilly in the Beverly Hillbillies tv show. But, I haven't researched it yet.





Leis - maybe just missing a w, like an abbreviation for Lewis?

Nelson - Yes, I suppose this isn't SO new as a first name. But it is still fairly unusual I think, to name a kid this.

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