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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Genesis 1 - The first 4 days

I have the first 19 verses of Genesis down pat. Well, somewhat pat. I get nervous over certain words or word order. But mostly, just fine. It's verses 17 & 18 that are tricky. Verse 19 a two year old could learn in 10 minutes.  (And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.)

But owing to not feeling super confident over those two verses, I'm waiting before I start the fifth day, which begins with verse 20. An easy way to remember this is that 5 does not divide into 19 or 18 or 21, but it does go evenly into 20, 4 times in fact, and the fourth day happens right before the fifth day. So, 4 times 5 = 20 and therefore, Genesis 1:20 begins the fifth day of creation. We're about to start having action!! Day 6 sets the scene for the plot to unfold, after Day 7, which, in case you were wondering how to write a good play or novel or song or poem, etc, remember, a pause in the right spot is key.

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