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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Charlotte of Cambridge

The royal baby has been named. I wouldn't have picked Charlotte for the first name, but it is a nice way to honor grandpa. What I DO love about the name Charlotte are all the possible nicknames.

Lottie (my favorite)
Charo (well, for teasing at least)
Shawl (yeah, one of those 'just at home with family' kind of nicknames)
well, heavens, Choo choo then too, if we're going to have goofy nicknames here.
Chel (or Shell)
she might even get 'car lot' once or twice in school, which won't be great in the way it would be meant there but it reminds me that I DO love Carlotta. Very pretty.
oh yes, Scarlett would be a decent nickname for Charlotte
Lotus (kinda digging this one right now)
Lotus reminds me of the Hindu name Kamala (KAH muh luh), which is very pretty in its own right, so, were she my niece, I'd take full advantage and call her that from time to time
Carrot!! How could I forget this! I think it's rather adorable

The princess' full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, which is very pretty. I approve. I like Diana much more than Charlotte, though. But then, I was a little girl when Princess Diana got married and had her babies and so I do have a bit of bias there.

Maybe Charlotte won't have any more brothers or sisters. But then again she might. And should she, well, and her brother George too, for that matter, here are some nice names to consider for their siblings:

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and

David - it's not a family name but it is a handsome name
Francis - yes, it's mostly a girl name lately, but if anyone can bring it back to being fully unisex, the royal child should be able to, right? I really do like it just as much for boys as for girls
Phillip - nothing wrong with namesakes, I say

Bianca - not so English, I guess, but so lovely and matches both George and Charlotte well
Thomasine - I'm realizing these names will all be butchered when actually said by the English. Bianca will sound like beaker or banker or something and Thomasine? something like Thompson, I guess. I'm only advocating the pronunciation I know. Otherwise, the deal's off!
Madeleine - despite its Frenchness. it's swell!

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