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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A New Princess

Since England has a new princess today, I thought it might be fun to rename one. This is another portrait I found of Queen Elizabeth II, when she was still a princess. I didn't post before Elizabeth's full name:

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

The painting was done when Elizabeth was 7 years old. Before she was Queen, she was Princess of York. Her oldest son Charles is the grandpop of the newest little princess, who will be Princess of Cambridge. Charlie is the Prince of Wales and his son William is the Duke of Cambridge. But he is also a prince, so Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. His son is the Prince of Cambridge, George. So let's rename Elizabeth a few ways. Give her a wholly new name (first and two middle names), then additionally try using one of the names she currently bears as part of a name. Give her a name based entirely on people on her family tree (for instance, Georgiane, for her father, or Victoria, a little farther back on the tree). Lastly, come up with a name for the new princess that incorporates a tribute to Elizabeth in it.

Here are my ideas:

Julianne Ailsa Margery
Katherine Mary Ada
Victoria Anne Harriet

For the baby:

Adelia Elizabeth Gladys

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