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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mount Jackson and Howard's Lick Turnpike Company and the Back Creek Valley Turnpike Company

Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, Passed in 1855-56, in the Eightieth Year of the Commonwealth


Isaac Brill - two candidates I have for this would be Isaac C. Brill, born 1796 in Frederick County, VA, son of George Frederick Brill and Elizabeth Batchelor. Another would be Isaac C. (Cline?) Brill son of Henry Jefferson Brill, Sr. and Elizabeth Orndorff. It's also possible that this is Isaac W. Brill, born 28 Oct 1835 to Joseph W. Brill and Rebecca Orndorff (he would have been 21, so I doubt this was the one.)

I have an Amos La Follette born 25 Sep 1810 in Virginiaand died 19 Jan 1890, son of William La Follette and Jane McKee and married to Sarah Mariah Racey, though he would have been married to 2nd wife Rachel T. Spaid by this point. He was father to Eliza Ann La Follette.

I have a Felix Good, II married to Rachel Orndorff. He was born in 1794 and died in 1875.

John K. Triplett was the brother of Elizabeth Caroline Triplett, my 4th great-grandmother, so he would be my 5th great-uncle. Robert V. Lockhart was his nephew - but not Elizabeth's son. Elizabeth was the 2nd wife of Josiah Lockhart and Robert V. Lockhart was from his first marriage to Nancy O'Dell. So Elizabeth was his step-mother. In 1856 Robert would have been 47 years old. He was the Postmaster in Gore and ran the Tavern once his father Josiah handed it over to him. He is the General Lockhart killed by Union troops at the ice house near the Tavern.

Henry M. Baker was the nephew of Sarah Lockhart Baker. Sarah was Robert V. Lockhart's aunt. However, because Henry was her nephew through her husband's side of the family he was not actually related to Robert V. Lockhart. Henry's father was Henry William Baker, brother to Sarah's husband Joseph Baker. Sarah was Joseph's second wife. Both Joseph and Sarah had died by this point, but their son Colonel Robert Lockhart Baker was still living (Col. Baker was 1st cousin to Robert V. Lockhart).

The right to form the turnpike company to build the road was considered a few years before this.

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