Friday, July 18, 2014


That's the number of names I've introduced you to so far this year. After today's 6 names, you will have learned 926. Which means there will still be 1088 names left to learn!


Natu - Finnish, a variant of Nata, which is a short form of Natalia and Natasja. Natalia comes from the Latin 'dies natalis' which means "birthday of Christ" or Christmas. Natasja is the Nordic spelling of the Russian name Natasha, which is a fom of Natalia.

Oeroe- Greek, one of the names of the nymph Plataia. The nymph of a fresh water spring in Boiotia, which is in central Greece, the name Oeroe for her referred to the small stream which flowed from her fresh water spring. It flows into Creusis bay in the Corinthian Gulf. Plataia was kidnapped by Zeus and taken to Mount Kithairon. She was the daughter of Asopos (a river god of the river Asopos) and Metope. She had 2 brothers and 11 sisters. She also seems to have been the nymph who alerted Artemis that Actaeon was spying on her while she bathed (poor Actaeon was changed into a stag by Artemis and then torn apart by his own dogs).

Peroe- this is just a variant spelling of Oeroe.





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