Saturday, January 16, 2010

What will a dog eat?

It's an interesting question and a fun one to test from time to time. Will she eat banana? Without question. Cauliflower? Loves it. Peanuts and popcorn and dry cereal? Like nobody's business. Lettuce, not for a million bucks. Carrots. Huh uh. Ice cream and popsicles. Absolutely.

Suggest 3 or 4 foods that you think the dog (Katie) will eat (or won't, say which you think). I'll test the theory and let you know (you'd be surprised how fun it is to see just what a dog will eat and won't).


  1. 1. Jello - make sure it's peach and I promise success!
    2. Canned spinach - no cause I wouldn't eat it either
    3. Pizza - I'm gonna say yes.

  2. Oh, I'm positive on the jello, no doubt she'll eat that, and I have already seen her eat pizza. I almost couldn't bear to try to get her to eat canned spinach!