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Sunday, October 11, 2009

If your life were a movie

So, I was wondering, if your life were made into a movie, who would you want to play you? Would you want it to be an action/adventure, film noire, slapstick comedy, etc? Describe what the movie about your life would be like.

Mine would be one of those quirky independent films that make you think, laugh, cry, etc. It would be set in Utah (how original) not only because this is where most of my life has been, but because of the great scenery, unique culture, and history that helps define me. I think Sandra Bullock could play me (yeah, I wish I looked like that). Or Drew Barrymore (hey, it's a movie). Mary Louise Parker would be cool. OR, it would be so fun if my life were made into one of those epics, you know, with sword fighting and dragons and cool old-fashioned ships. I think it would be a version of the Odyssey, except it would be a woman, not a man. I'm picturing some Viking woman (yeah, horn helmet and all) whose adventures take place in the northern seas (Northern Sea, Baltic, North Atlantic, Irish, maybe even the Artic). I'm thinking Neve Campbell (I know, you wouldn't have thought of her for a Viking version of the Odyssey based on me, but I think she would be cool.) or maybe Rose McGowan.

So tell me what the movie of your life would be like, and who would play you.

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