Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finding Yourself

Well, I guess since I have mainly two to four people who read this, it's ok if I share something a little more personal than what I would post on say, Facebook.

Last week I had one of those days or couple of days that are really inspirational/life-changing, or feel like you are changing your life. In a lot of ways I am the same person I was before that, but what was most meaningful to me was that I started to feel about myself the way I used to feel a very long time ago, say, when I was 18 or 19 years old. I felt very empowered and confident and happy and optimistic and even a tad idealistic. It was amazing for me to start to recognize myself again. Or the part of me that I have missed for the last 17 years (yes, I know, almost half of my life).

So raise your glass (Martinellis or otherwise) and cheer. And if you feel that you have lost some part of yourself, or even all, that you wish you could get back, I for one will be cheering for you to find that, too.


  1. There is nothing more important or precious in this world than being comfortable and happy with yourself. I'm so glad that you're happy!

  2. Hey Dellitt,
    Thanks for sharing this it makes me feel good inside to hear your success. I really do love you and hope to beat you at Risk sometime soon;)