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Friday, October 30, 2015

Genesis Done

I've finally got down pat the entire first chapter of Genesis, King James Version, by heart. All the creeping things and herbs bearing seed and fruit yielding seed and winged fowls and such. And, it turns out, I only have about 3 more verses to learn in order to have all of the first chapter of Exodus learned by heart. I only have the first few verses of any of the other books of the bible learned so far, though. I am trying to know the first word of every book of the Bible, and this should help me remember the order of the books in the Old Testament.

I learned the first word of the books in the New Testament in just about one sitting. Since half of it begins simply with "Paul". The rest are the names of the few other writers, or words like the. God is in there once to begin a book (the book of Hebrews). Though, of course, now that I have the first word for each of those, the aim is to move right along. I think I have the first little bit of each verse of the four gospels. And the other books should be easy as they all say who is writing and then who they are writing to and give you a sense of the purpose of the writer, or how they see their calling, etc. It helps make it easier to remember.

A similar thing helps with the Old Testament. Except that there is the added sense of placing everything along a history timeline. The first year of Cyrus King of Persia, for instance, or of Darius. Knowing that the last book of both halves of the Bible begin with an ominous air. Malachi is "The burden" of Malachi, as he sees the end of things. And The Book of Revelations is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which, as you know, is also about The End of things.

At least 4 books in the Bible begin with beginnings, Genesis, of course, with "In the beginning" and the Gospel of John which also begins "In the beginning", Matthew, which is "The book of the generation" of Jesus Christ and Mark which follows Matthew and is "The beginning of the gospel" of Jesus Christ. You could add to that 1 Chronicles which begins with Adam, I suppose, as well.

I suspect that remembering the verses in other chapters will take a little more study to learn well, than these 'verse 1's.

I'll be back to let you know my progress!

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