Sunday, August 23, 2015

No Need to Squint, those ARE new names you see!

Well, new to me, anyhow. Somewhat old, in fact. I came across these in genealogy research tonight (Maryland in the first days of the Republic).


Lethea -  there was an Alethea a few lines before this, so I'm guessing that Lethea was either her nickname or someone else was called this, either for a nickname or as a given name. Alethea, a Greek name, is not new to me. Lethea is though.

Levisa -  I think it is probably just a phonetic spelling of Louisa, but as said by a German speaker.

Rhodoe - I think it's Rhoda, but still need to look and see if this might be something else.



Baston - No, not Bastian, but just Baston.


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