Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Names, in Spanish, Please

I came across these Spanish names while doing background checks for my work. They were new to me, though I'm sure they've been around a while. I think there are a few that are not Spanish, but I'm not really sure what language they are.




Verenice - I'm sure this is just an alternate spelling of Berenice, since the B and V are said the same in Spanish. But I have met Spanish speakers who use the English pronunciation of a letter, such as saying the J in Jasmine, instead of pronouncing it more like 'Yas meen'. It's so gorgeous like this - Verenice. Pronounced 'bear eh nee say'. It's even still nice if said in English, pronouncing the v as a v. 'ver niece'.


Celso - the Spanish version of Celsius. It's just so odd to run into a modern person named Celso

Efren - I have probably encountered this before, but I am more accustomed to Efrain (eh fry een) than 'eh fren'

Maurilio - this would be said 'mao real ee oh'

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