Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How 'bout these names!


Emireth - when I came across this name, on a Spanish language website for parents, I also read about Emileth and Emilet, also used by Spanish-speakers. All three seem to be rather rare.


Maelfothartaigh - Irish, I assume,
Coibhdeanach - ditto
Eugenius - Latin?
Maenghal - Irish?
Maelcaularda - ditto
Maelpadraig - ditto
Cathusach - ditto
Ailchi - ditto
Guaire - ditto
Doilghen- ditto
Murtough - Irish, more familiar when spelled Murdoch
Maelbrighde - Irish
Awley - Irish? English???
Gilladowney - Irish?
Mulmurry - Irish?
Florence - Latin, I think. I'd not thought of it ever as a boy's name, but in the Middle Ages I find it used as a man's first name. Now that I think about it, Florent is a boy's name from the Middle Ages, so I don't know why Florence surprises me. But it does.
Giolla - not sure, Irish? Latin? English???
Turloch - Irish?

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