Sunday, June 22, 2014

William Lockhart

Last night I came across a website where someone put all the research they had found on William Lockhart and people they thought might be related to them. It looked like one researcher, Jacki Riffey, at that time was trying to make a connection between this William Lockhart and the Josiah Lockhart of Lancaster, PA. I doubt that is the relationship though. It seems more likely that they would be brothers. The researcher who had gathered all this information had William married to Joanna and so they seemed to think that this William was the William who married Joanna Train in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. However they also had him married to Joanna Wiley. Joanna Train was a widow when she married William Lockhart, so she could very well also be Joanna Wiley. I'm not sure about all the theories this researcher had on their website. It might be that the William Lockhart who died in Beaver, Pennsylvania is the same William Lockhart I've come across in Frederick County, Virginia. It might not.

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