Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Names for 2014!

7, as usual.
I've already introduced you to 84, 7 more brings us to 91 new names this year. Of the 2,014 you will learn, that leaves 1,923 still to go.


Ghislaine - feminine version of Ghislain which is a French form of the Latin name "Gislenus" which comes from the root "gisil" meaning "pledge" or "hostage.

Hadassah - Hebrew, meaning "myrtle tree". Queen Esther's Jewish name.

Ianthe - Greek, it comes from "ion" meaning "violet" and "anthos"  meaning "flower"

Josette -French, nickname for Josephine, which is a feminine form of Joseph, a form of the Hebrew name Yosef which means "he will add". Josette is pronounced "zho ZET".


Killian - English version of the Irish name Cillian, which probably comes from ceall which means "church".

Lancelin - French, from L'Ancelin, which comes from the German Ansel, which comes from Anselm, meaning "servant". L'Ancelin, then, is "the servant" and that is the meaning of Lancelin.

Melchior - Persian and Hebrew, from the Hebrew 'melekh' meaning "king" and the Persian 'quart' meaning "city".

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