Friday, June 1, 2012

Mattie M. Boteler - 2nd Cousin 4 Times Removed on my Lockhart line

This is a review of a book written by Mattie M. Boteler (review published in 1897). Mattie was the editor of various religious publications, wrote religious themed books, as well as several hymns. She is a distant cousin of mine. Second cousin four times removed. We both descend from Major Robert Volney Lockhart and Margery Denny. Her mother was Martha Lockhart, daughter of Samuel Lockhart, son of Robert and Margery. Martha married Edward Boteler and Mattie was their fifth child.

Mattie M.Boteler - born 1860, died 1929 (though I also found 1921 as a possible death date), buried in the Old Silvercreek Cemetery, Jamestown, Greene County, Ohio.She also lived in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was editor for various magazines.

This is one of her quotes:

What is virtue? When you say of a medicine or of a food, "It has virtue," you mean that it has positive qualities that are worth the same thing. It is not enough for the Christian that he leave off his old sins. He must have positive goodness. He must be worth something to the world. It should be said of the Christian, wherever he is, "virtue goes out from him."
—Mattie M. Boteler, Christian Standard, Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 27, 1920.

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