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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Born Today on My Family Tree

I saw this on another genealogy blog and wanted to try it here as well. People born today on my family tree:

Orvis Carson Whitacre in 1928
son of  Leslie G. Whitacre and Clara Virginia Pugh
husband of Deloris Kerns and Doris Marie Kerns
my 2nd cousin 1 time removed via my Pugh ancestors

Ethel Heaps in 1910
daughter of Thomas Heber Heaps and Susannah Alvey
very distantly related via my Denny line, though ironically enough I assumed it was my father's line because Ethel is from Escalante, Utah and Heaps, Alvey, Roundy, etc are all names down around there, but, actually, it goes like this:

Susannah Alvey had a sister named Anna Elizabeth.
Anna Elizabeth Alvey married James Issac Barker.
James Issac Barker's brother was Peter Barker.
Peter Barker's son Peter Orrin Barker married Johanna Roundy.
Her brother Ammon Roundy married Elizabeth Liston.
They had Blanche Louise Roundy.
She married Rufus Stice.
His mother was Alice Mae Speer.
Her mother was Rachel Isabelle Lunsford.
Her mother was Sarah Ann Denny.
Her father was William Robert Denny.
His father was Robert Denny.
His sister Margery Denny was my 5th great-grandmother.

More simply put, Ethel's uncle's nephew's niece's mother-in-law's 3rd great-grandgrandfather is the same as my 6th great-granduncle (technically, you could say we're not actually related, but, for interest's sake, we are 'connected' through relations, and it's easier to just say 'very distantly related').

Henry R. Hallam  in 1896
husband of Alice Barbara Kline
His wife Alice is my 1st cousin 3 times removed via my Wingerter ancestors

William Samuel Howard in 1881
son of Andrew Jackson Howard and Ann Eliza Hodgson
William is my 3rd cousin 3 times removed via my Hodgson ancestors

Emma Streit in 1878
wife of Lemuel Clark Alexander
Emma is my distant relative via marriages on my Lockhart line (I'm not doing what I did for Ethel on all these folks, it was just so interesting that it was my mom's line not my dad's that I connected to Ethel on. With Emma, I don't have who her parents are and as she is a Streit, she's possibly more closely related than I am currently aware of, since I am descended from Streits. For now, just 'distant relative' will have to do.)

Aretha Alice Breeze in 1875
daughter of Margaret Lucinda Underwood and Lieutenant Cornelius Newkirk
wife of Wycliffe G. Jackson
very distant relative on my Lockhart line

John White Addison  in 1846
son of Sallie Dearborn Lockhart and Dr. John Addison
John White Addison is my 1st cousin 4 times removed via my Lockhart ancestors

Massie Whitacre in 1825
daughter of Wilson Whitacre and Rachel Kerns
wife of William Henry Mauzy
distant relative via marriages on my Oates line

Jane Bond in 1664
daughter of James Bond and Anne Parker
wife of John Whitaker (or Whitacre) Jr.
Jane is distantly (oh, very) related to me through marriage on my Oates line

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