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Saturday, April 25, 2009


So I was talking to Alec last night and had the question "what is electricity, exactly"? Decided to look it up on Wikipedia and came across the name of a 19th century scientist who discovered a lot of stuff about electricity and electromagnetism. Named Michael Faraday. So if you're a Lost fan, you know that the physicist on the show is named Daniel Faraday. You also know that he did research about time travel. And that the island has strange properties and is currently in flux, traveling through time. Well, apparently, what is called Faraday's Law is a law about electricity that describes two different phenomena (which is apparently unique in physics or science). Anyhow, this Law was key in Albert Einstein developing his theory of special relativity. And one of the phenomena described is when a magnet travels through a coil and causes electricity to occur in the coil as it passes through (I think I've described it correctly). So, is the island a giant electromagnet? I know this is one theory that people suggested early on in the show (around when the hatch stuff was all happening).

The word for electricity comes from the Greek word for amber. This is something that the ancients discovered created electricity when rubbed. I think this lends credence to my idea that the island is the lost island of Atlantis, and it is made of amber! The Others would be either original Atlantians or descendents. It would explain the temple (not the 4 toes on the giant statue, but the temple, at least). The giant electromagnet theory, if you read about Michael Faraday's discoveries and Law, explains why the island disappears when it travels through time. It also explains why the wheel that Ben and Locke turn to move the island is necessary (but I don't remember what I read well enough to explain it). Of course, knowing that Daniel Faraday's name comes from this important scientist, would suggest that Eloise Hawking, his mother and also a scientist, gets her name from Stephen Hawking, who is famous for his work on black holes. Haven't researched that yet. But basically, if you get too close to a black hole, you will be pulled into it, even just light, and be unable to escape because its pull is so strong. If the island is a type of black hole, then that explains why the plane crashed and why Desmond couldn't leave the island in his boat. It does not explain why it is possible to leave the island by submarine or helicopter or by using the right bearing when in a boat. But it is possible for the island to be in a black hole (thus, how Atlantis disappeared in the first place, though, not quite how Atlantis moved from Europe to the Pacific, though it would explain the slave ship, which should have been in the Atlantic, not the Pacific).

A couple of different theories, but I think they could both be possible and are not mutually exclusive. Because the black hole would be the coil that the electromagnet (the island) is passing through.

And a random question. Why was the Dharma initiative experimenting with polar bears? Why not an animal or bear that is easier to come by, not so big or dangerous, and makes more sense in a non-artic environment? I immediately think, well, since polar bears are found in the Arctic which is near the North Pole, which deals with the magnetic properties of the earth, do they exhibit or have something unique about them that would be revealed when brought away from the pole? If so, what would that be?

I think it's also relevant that Michael Faraday was a very religious man and belonged to a small sect (forget the name now, but something like Sandemian or something). Since the island seems to have a spiritual power besides all the science stuff going on (like Locke and Rose being healed, the apparitions of dead people, etc). I'm curious about that part of the island, too.

Anyhow. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I enjoyed your post it was very in depth. I think the writers of lost gave it that name, "Lost", because that's what they were when they wrote this story. So then the idea came from the name to just present a bunch of questions that nobody would ever answer and therefore be lost.
    I do like Michael Faraday he was very intelligent and make so many discoveries I am truly impressed.
    Polar bears are just cool animals if I were a king and could have some exotic animal it would 2 polar bears one on each side of my throne one name michael the other named russo.

  2. Why Michael and Russo?

  3. I am glad you asked why cause that is the whole purpose of lost is for you to ask why but to never know the answer.