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Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's your favorite astronomy picture?

I love the Astronomy Picture of the Day website that NASA has. I learn a lot about astronomy and science and see some of the most spectacular sites in the universe. It's a great thing. So I thought I'd post 3 pictures that I've gotten off that site and see which ones are your favorites (only pick one). Tell why you picked the picture, too.

This is called the Central Molecular Zone. I'm not sure how the image was taken or changed for it to have these colors, they may not be what would be visible to the naked eye.

A black and white image of Saturn's rings

I don't think this is a natural color image. But anyway, this is Mercury.

So pick your favorite!


  1. I like them all! Each is fascinating. Color does add and makes it more interesting to look at.

  2. I love the shot of Mercury, the blue in it is so eye catching and peaceful.

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