Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music list

So I am compiling a list of music I would like to have on cd. I have racked my brain and come up with quite a few good ones, and even gotten some suggestions from a couple other people.

This is your chance to suggest music you think I would enjoy listening to. Musician or composer (i.e. for classical music).

I look forward to getting LOTS of suggestions!

I decided to list some of the musicians already on the list, to give you an idea (cause Dad was saying Gene Autry and Chet Atkins, and I'm not so much a country music fan, though I do have Johnny Cash on the list).

One Republic
Franz Schubert
Claude Debussy
Dan Fogelberg
Lily Allen
Irving Berlin
George Gershwin
Cole Porter

Never fear, I am going to come up with a special list of just Coldplay stuff I don't already have:)


  1. I'm always a sucker for Harry Connick Jr! He's got jazz and funk and crooner music. He's my one man band ;)

  2. I like him, too. Thanks for the suggestion!