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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blog vs Website

So, this lady at work asked me about doing a website. I told her about blogging first, because I thought that would be easiest, then I showed her some stuff to show her that nowadays it's really pretty easy to do a website, too (compared to when I made mine by writing html code). She wants to do this for her own business she has started up and wants the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Which would you suggest? By the end of it all, I was thinking a webpage would be the way to go because she gets her own domain name (I know, I know, a blog is really just a type of webpage. But I mean, based on the templates already made that she can just click her mouse on and stuff, which would be easiest and work best for her purposes?).


  1. Actually lots of people have business blogs they are quite common. People even have facebook or myspace pages for their pages, it just depends on who your audience is. If she wants the cheapest then Blog, facebook, or myspace is the cheapest. She could also do a website they are cheap and you have lots more once you have the website but still I say do the blog first then you can pay later.

  2. Hey thanks, Andy. I will tell her.