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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Coldplay

So, I have listened to the new album enough to tell you my favorite songs. There are only three that I'm lukewarm about: Lovers in Japan, Strawberry Swing, and Yes. My favorite, by far, is, of course, Viva la Vida. Next would be Lost and then a tie between 42 and Death and all his friends (a dj I listen to dissed Death and all his friends, but I really like it). Oh, make it a three way tie, I forgot to include Violet Hill, which sometimes, I like better than the other two in the tie. The Escapist and Life in Technicolor are very similar. I like them, but not as much as the others. So, I think I will really enjoy the concert when it comes to town, as I like so much of the album.

Also, I took the time to listen to some other stuff by Coldplay and discovered that there are actually several songs by them that I recognize and like. I already knew Speed of Sound and Clocks, but there's also Yellow. I could name other songs by them, but I can't associate them with the lyrics/music yet (cuz I mostly just listen to the new album).

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