Sunday, January 13, 2008

What I found

So I went to the Family History Center today and did genealogy for about an hour. I found possible birth dates and places for all of John T. Jenkins' siblings. Now I just need to find a more reliable source on them to be sure. I don't plan on doing any more genealogy for a couple of weeks, but when I do, I think I will stick with the Jenkinses and Pughs.


  1. I think you should change your whole theory on doing genealogy instead of doing it to get to know your ancestors you should do it to find a link to a fortune that you can lay claim to. If you need help I would be willing to help out:)

  2. So what shows do you watch nowadays? Beth and I watched the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice but it was kinda lame so we haven't watched since. Beth and I are really excited to get back into the Lost series again which I hope it doesn't dissappoint.

  3. Why the new signature name? And, I don't get it, what is a "flavorbot"?

    So far, most of our ancestors were on the poor side. It might take too much work to find the ones that have an inheritance to leave.

    Well, I watch all kinds of shows, though, of course, I'm pretty excited for Lost to return. Mondays I watch Medium, Tuesdays I watch Law and Order SVU sometimes I stay up and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, Wednesdays Law and Order Criminal Intent and just regular Law and Order and I stay up late to watch Project Runway. The rest of the time it's just hit or miss whatever I may find on t.v. But February will bring back Survivor, so I hope to be watching that as well. I've never watched The Apprentice, celebrity or otherwise. The words "you're fired" make me nervous.