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Sunday, September 16, 2007

One of my poems

I thought I would share a poem I wrote ten years ago.


The sun being white in the sky
My mind in shadow bends
God's grace flowing in the summer storm
As my white-faced body mends.

Blood and red tip my fingers
The scorching daytime rays
The flowering sagebrush yellow
Golden in my hastening days.

The shadow's still warmth cools me
And my brain like a rock already cold
My heart once beating now stills me
Lying in my bed of mold.

Wings flapping clumsily about
Not angels but vultures converse
And the halo I see above them
Is wind blowing a circle of earth.


  1. Hiya del,
    love the blog! I will get my blog up for everyone to see.

  2. O.K. Dellitt, now you can help me do my blog.

  3. Delli,
    I like your blog. It's very desert theme-ish. Here's where we part ways. I'm just not a sun and weeds girl. I'm tired and Alec is just bringing me down. You're so tech savvy. I on the other hand have to use Alec's log on to write you this. Have a good week! Go Go Job with development people!! Love, Ang


  5. Hey! I'm so excited about your poetry and the suggested poets. I've never been much of a poetry lover, too often I just don't get it, but maybe now - I will! Welcome, welcome to blogging

  6. Hey thanks Beth. Yeah, well, you know, some poems just have to be read several times to be understood, but the test is the first time you read it. If I like it even without understanding it all, then I'm more likely to read it over and over and find new meaning. Thanks for getting Andy and I started on blogging.

  7. So I am assuming that since alec put his myspace url link up he would like it to be displayed on
    Alec if you want me to i can put your link up on just let me know.

  8. Hey Dellitt, We did it! I am now
    able to comment to everyones blog. Really like yours and will be interested to see who gets going on the genealogy.

  9. Hey Mom. Thanks for commenting on my blog. We will get you set up with your own blog when I come down or when you come up, ok? Sorry about the trouble posting to Andy's blog. I don't know why Google is so screwed up.

  10. dearest daughter
    the yellow blossoms are from the rabbit brush. they are pretty in august. i believe that sage blossoms are more lavender. great pictures of the desert. let's my spirit free. love dad