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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hi all, but especially family. Today I went to the Family History Center at the BYU library and did research on a Dellitt family I believe is related to us (I just have to find the link). Anyhow, yesterday Dan mentioned that it would be great if I gave suggestions of things you could do if you wanted to get started doing genealogy. I decided my blog was a great place to post these suggestions, then everyone has access to them.

If you want to help me research the Dellitt line and are able to go to the Salt Lake Family History Library, go to the US/Canada book section and look at the book Pennsylvania Births, Lancaster County, 1723-1800 by John T. Humphrey, published in 1997. Call # is 974.815 K2h v1 and v2. You should look for any Dellitts (various spellings Delit, Dellet, Dillet, Deleet, they are endless) especially a John Dellitt and a Barbara Dellitt and also a Barbara Ackerman. The John Dellitt I am looking at as the possible father of our Barbara Dellit was possibly born 22 Mar 1760 and died 1 Dec 1845. He would have been married to Barbara Ackerman possibly born 30 Aug 1779 died 5 Apr 1847. They may have been married 4 Mar 1804 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is possible that John and Barbara Dellit had a child in 1805 for there is a Barbara Deelet listed as the mother for a baptism performed 17 Nov 1805 in Chester County, Pennsylvania at the First Reformed Congregation at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County was formed from Chester County).

If you can't go to the Salt Lake library but live in Utah county, you can go to the Family History Center at BYU M-Sat and every 2nd and 4th Sun from 10 am - 7 pm. Call me if you want me to go with you, as I often go on those Sundays. Anyhow, using their computers you can access the Family History Library Catalog to be prepared for when you can go to the Salt Lake library (they also have a lot of microfilm at the BYU library) or you can use the computer to access Doing so you could look for Ethel M. Hanson in Mercer County, Illinois in the 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 census (which I hope to do soon, but feel free to beat me to it, that would be cool), oh it doesn't have to be Mercer county, but it probably will be.

If you would like to research a line other than the Dellitts, here are some suggestions:

We could really use more information on Seth Thomas Clark (married to Mary Henshaw and father of Mary Catherine Clark). Seth is my 4th great-grandfather on grandma Lockhart's line. I have that he was born 15 Mar 1800 and died 3 Dec 1866 in Frederick County, Virginia. He was married 11 Oct 1827 in Frederick County, Virginia. He is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery (which probably means he was a Quaker), Clearbrook, Frederick County, Virginia. He was also married to Martha Lucinda Deck. He had 3 children with her. But we come through Mary with whom he had 6 children. If I were going to the BYU library I would get on and look for Seth in their database, especially if they had any listed in the following censuses (censuses are always a good starting place): 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 (I'm not sure when he and Mary started living in Kansas but you might check for him in any territorial censuses or tax lists they may have had between 1830 and 1850), 1840, 1850, 1860, obviously, you are looking at Virginia in these censuses and limit yourself to Clarks in Frederick, Hampshire, or Berkeley counties. Obviously there's a lot of research to be done on this line, not just Seth.

Mom has been working on the Davidson line so I will leave it to her if you want to do something with that line. She may have more updated information than I have.

Anyone want the Wingerters? They are my special project but very elusive, so maybe they are just waiting for YOU to get started. They are a little complicated so I will just let you post that you want to work on this line before posting any suggestions.

Mom and I have really been having lots of luck with the Jenkins line of late, so that might be a great place to start if you want quick results. We have that Sarah Welch (my 3rd great-grandmother) wife of Alfred Carper and mother of Martha Elizabeth Carper was from Washington County, Maryland. It's possible that Comfort Melissa was raised by Sarah and Alfred but was actually Sarah's sister. Anyhow, look for Sarah Welch in the Maryland (Washington County) censuses for 1810, 1820, 1830 and of course, Welch could have been spelled Welsh or some other way. Maybe you will find her listed as a child in which case you would find her parents and siblings (hopefully) which would be really cool. I've meant to do this but just never have.

It would be great to get birth and death dates for Robert Hodgson (there were several but I'm referring to the father of Eliza Ann Hodgson and husband of Lurena Watson). He lived in Frederick County. He was first married 10 Mar 1795 to Susannah Long and his last child was born sometime after 1815, so that gives you a time frame to work with. He was probably a Quaker. (we have his parents and children and whatnot, just no birth or death dates or a burial place). Again, check census records (before 1790 you will need to look at tax lists and other types of records) for 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820.

The Pughs have been a goldmine of late. It would be nice, though, to have a death date for Anne or Ann Wright married to Thomas Pugh and mother of Rachel Pugh (Anne/Ann is my 5th great-grandmother) She was born 1725 in Pennsylvania or Virginia and died in Frederick County, Virginia. She was married in 1753. She had a will dated 5-4-1803, which should give you a timeframe. Burial place would be nice. She was an upstanding Quaker, so possibly Hopewell Cemetery? Just look for her in the 1800 and 1810 censuses for Virginia (Frederick County) for now. There are obviously other sources to look in but this post is starting to get rather long!

Another person you could research would be Michael Jenkins, born about 1760 and married to Rachel Pugh and father of John T. Jenkins. He is my 4th great-grandfather. He was a Quaker, married in 1787 and his youngest child was born 16 Mar 1803. He was from Hampshire county, I believe. But look for him in Frederick and Berkeley counties as well. (Hampshire and Berkeley are in West Virginia now but were part of Virginia at that time). So again, check for him in the Virginia census records for 1790, 1800, 1810 and also the tax lists before 1790.

If you want me to pick for you, here are my thoughts: Angela should research Sarah Welch as she did research her in the past, Dan could research Seth Thomas Clark, Scott could research Robert Hodgson, Andy could research Michael Jenkins and Mother, if I am telling you what to do, would research Ann/Anne Wright, since she is already researching that line.

Do you want to research the Wilson line? I will try to post suggestions for that in a future post (as well as people from Grandpa Lockhart's side).


  1. So, I read this long epistle Delli wrote about all the nitty-gritty details of our genealogy needs on just the Jenkin's side mind you. It's actually very cool, Dell, that you are letting know some of this stuff. Maybe I'll try to organize my life enough to go with you on the 14th of October. I would like to do something on the Welch/Carper line. I do so like those two for some reason. But truly, I end up feeling a warm spot for most ancestors I get interaction of any kind with. For example, Mary Catherine Clark Davidson (Dell remembers that experience). How about when I did temple work for Minerva, Ellen, and Jane. I'd like to have more memorable experiences with my dead relatives ;]


  2. So cool that you read and responded to my genealogy post. I'm glad someone wants to hang out with the dead people in our family! It's the right season for it anyway. But truly, I will really look forward to you coming with me to the library on the 14th and you can research whomever you please.

  3. So I read your post and it is all very interesting especially learning what religion they practiced. I hope when I am dead someone will want to hangout with me. I have decided that since moms side has lots of research done compared to wilson side. So if there is anything I can do to help on the wilson side let me know. Keep in mind it should be a very small task that doesn't need to be done anytime soon. I am excited to see angela commenting. Now we just need ang to create her own blog.

  4. Well, actually, the Wilson side has had a lot of research done on it, but I just haven't done any lately. I will get back to you with suggestions of what you can do. Thanks for commenting. I like your new screen name.