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Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John and Mary Palmer of Concord ...

The two above descendants were listed on page 49 of the book I gave in the title to this post, under the heading "Fourth Generation". I found it in the first place due to Mary who married a man named Lockhart and then moved West (yes, thank you, nice to know, and we have sort of the time frame. Probably no sooner than the late 1780s and no later than.... The book was published in 1875 but I should think they migrated before turning 100 years old! Round about 1800 would be perfect and a time of a lot of migration west, to Ohio, for instance.) But I was more interested than such a scarce reference would normally generate due to her sister Ann who married a man named Benjamin Starr and then moved to PA (admittedly just to Chester County, which is almost like not moving to PA at all). Mom (my mom) in her research met a fellow Lockhart descendant by the name of Starr who lived in PA or OH I think. Though I suppose that Starr was her married name. It's always helpful to know which people married into which families, because, well, it just is. I wanted to keep this information without spending a lot of time on the source, but without losing where to find it, should I find other information I wish to check against this. I know that Parkers married into the Dennys and with the McClures and that Josiah Lockhart of Lancaster's wife was a McClure. But I do not offhand recall if there are any Palmers in our extended relations. Not even relations so much as just 'oh hi, how are you' folk.

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