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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reuben Lockhart, Paxtang, Township, Pennsylvania

He was the second husband of Margaret Ayres, whose first husband was William Forster. She was married to William in 1780 and he died at the end of 1823, so it is reasonable to assume that the marriage to Reuben came sometime after 1823.

William Forster was born in Londonderry Township, Lancaster County (which later became part of Dauphin County). Served in Colonel Burd's regiment of Lancaster County associators in the Jersey Campaign of the American Revolutionary War. He and Margaret were married Nov 1, 1780 by the Reverend John Elder. He was born Oct 9, 1754 and died Dec 24, 1823 (what a sad Christmas for his family! But a nice long life for back then, at age 69)

Of Reuben the book says he was "of Paxtang Township" and that they had "no issue". However, Margaret did have 3 children with her first husband William Forster:
Mary Forster born Sep 8, 1781, married April 1800 James Kirk
William Forster born March 21, 1784, died July 29, married Martha Cochran
James Forster born August 25, 1787, married Margaret Ayres.

I'm not sure if these folks are any relationship to me or not. Captain Samuel Lockhart married a Mary Foster in the early 1800s in Ohio and her father, Nathaniel Foster, had served in the Revolutionary War and was from New Jersey. Samuel's father was Robert Lockhart who had lived in Lancaster during the War and also spent time living in Chester County, PA.

source: Pennsylvania: Genealogies oChiefly Scotch-Irish and German
by William Henry Egle, page 257.

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