Thursday, September 11, 2014

Falling Behind

Oops! I seem to be falling behind on this series of posts. I will do my best to keep them up, though presently I have things keeping me VERY busy.


Biene - Irish, possibly connected to the Indo-European root word for 'bee'. Another possibility is that it means "melodious" or "sweetness" and is pronounced 'ben yeh'

Yarleni - I've also seen Jarleni. They have both been Spanish-speaking, but my guess is that this is the Spanish version of Jarlene, a feminine form of Jarl, which means 'earl', coming from Norse.

Vina - Not sure if this is a nickname for Lavinia (or Lavina)




Fayette - probably given in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette since the boy I came across this for had been born during the American Revolution, and was later a 'fifer' in the army.

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