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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Hair's Breadth Away

I've been quite obsessed with genealogy the last couple of weeks. Well honestly, the last couple of years! But the last couple of weeks it's ALL I want to be doing.

That happens when I make a find or develop a theory. I have a couple and so I have more than enough work to do. I believe I've found the city in France my Dellitt ancestors may come from.

I still need to be able to prove it though --  that's one 'hair's breadth away'.

Really when I chose that title though I was thinking of the Lockhart line I've been researching. I've had a theory for a couple of years now about who Major Robert Lockhart's brothers were and because of people mentioned in 2 wills I've been working to prove the relationship. I suppose you could go off of just what I have in the one will of his brother (if I'm right) Josiah Lockhart of Lancaster, Pa. But I would like something more, because there were SO many Robert Lockharts in that area at that time and of the right age. I've found a connection through the Denny line of Robert's wife Margery Denny to the same surname mentioned in the wills I've found, so I suppose I'm related at least through her. But I'm positive (just want that extra bit of security) that I've got the right line.

And that's why I say a hair's breadth. Because I have him recorded in a census. Now I just have to establish that it's not someone else, but is my Robert Lockhart.

I'll let you know when I do. And that's the only reason I haven't put the surnames here. I want to be able to easily say 'yes, this is definitely my line. and here's why.' Not "yes, I'm pretty sure, positive this is my line, I just still need another piece of evidence."

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