Saturday, October 15, 2011

new poem in the works

As the British might say, "have a read". It's hardly finished and needs lots of work still, but, I do enjoy it enough as it is to share it. Some things just inspire me, but if your inspiration is a documentary on a serial killer, do not expect me to write a poem about pretty fall leaves and the nobility of the human race.

Into the woods, and away we go,

Into the darkest part of Skid Row.

I flee with you, my untrustworthy friend

Knowing you’ll guide me unto my end.

An end of existing in constant pain, though I suppose

You’re not leading me to fountains of bliss or fields of Elysium

Nor even to halls of Valhalla’s great Victors.

But Hel’s realm of horror of unending woes

Of waking each morning to a new vicious vector

Where nightmares are real and reality seems

A far distant fantasy of minor defeats, of melancholy and madness

And maybe some sweet

Bitter memory some gut wrenching knowledge of how things might have been.

But for now, I flee with you friend, I flee for the fleeing, the flight away

From all that defies me this middle of day.

Lead me, I beg you, to the house on the street

Where angels and demons are wont to meet

Where I might just as well be one of the victims

As one of the victors and ever so gladly partake of the nectars

Of forbidden fruits and of follies and vices

Of please make me forget all of my nicest

Laces and linens.

And don’t you think

I fit ever so well on this street of hell-bent

Heaven in Hell?

On with you I glide, ignoring the signs of ignominy

And depravity, of vicious beyond my wildest imagining.

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