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Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am now catching up on the new season of Survivor and I've now watched the first three episodes. It's a very intense season because all of the people have such strong personalities. There aren't any people who fade into the background. The closest to that would be Courtney and Amanda. I've been pretty disappointed in the choices the Heroes have made (they got rid of Sugar and Stephenie, the two people I was rooting for the most. Now the one on their tribe I'm rooting for is Candice and I'm worried they'll get rid of her next). The way they've been treating the women on their tribe is nothing to crow about and does not really make them look like Heroes. The player I most want out of the game at this point is James. I see nothing to admire about the guy. And for all the griping about Parvati's flirting on the Villains tribe, at least she has a nice personality. And she makes no secret that flirting is her gameplan, at least. I remember it aggravating the hell out of me in her first season. But she's an awesome player, I think. Though, suprisingly, Boston Rob is the guy I'm rooting for on the Villains tribe. Even though he may have behaved like a Villain in past seasons, he's one of the few players to be playing like a hero right now. So, I'm rooting for Candice, then probably Amanda (I really like her personality). I'm just about 100% a personality person, but the ones who get rid of people for crying or just being a woman or older or whatever, not happy with. And the ones who bully and are mean or rude or cruel or play too dirty (a little bit is ok - hide Rob's hat, but not the machete, push someone hard off the platform, but don't rip her bra off). It's an awesome season and I encourage you to tune into the 2 hr premiere. It's pretty damn good.

Oh, if you had picked the two tribes, who would be your choices for each tribe (Heroes and Villains, ten on each)? For the villains, I didn't put people who might have done villainous stuff or be seen as villains if I actually rather like them (like Parvati). These are the people I would NEVER want to win a million dollars. The heroes are the people I would most root for to win the million.

Mine would be like this (those in the current season are bolded, the season they debuted in after their name):


Sugar (Gabon)
Stephenie (Palau)
Ian (Palau)
Bob (Gabon)
Ozzy (Cook Islands)
Amanda (China)
Matty (Gabon)
Sierra (Tocantins)
Yul (Cook Islands)
Marisa (Samoa)

Corinne (Gabon)
Randy (Gabon)
Tyson (Tocantins)
Coach (Tocantins)
Dave (Samoa)
Russell (Samoa)
Brett (Samoa)
Shane (Exile Island)
Joel (Micronesia)
Ben (Samoa)
I had a much easier time coming up with too many heroes and not enough villains. I guess that speaks well for the world and Survivor, despite its rep.

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