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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Concerts I wish I could go to

Well, of course I wish I could go to one of Coldplay's concerts here in North America, but since they aren't playing close by, I can't.

But even with all of the great concerts here in Utah, I don't think I can really afford any of them. But maybe you can! Here they are:

Depeche Mode Aug 25
Snow Patrol Oct 10
The Killers Sep 26
Chicago Aug 4
Death Cab for Cutie Jul 13
Secondhand Serenade Jul 25
Air Supply (yep, I'm a fan) Jul 31
Wallflowers Jul 19
Chris Isaak Aug 14


  1. So I like most of these except chicago, air supply and snow patrol. However all the rest are golden ticket winners. I recently started listening to death cab for cutie via postal service and found I really like both bands. Anyhow I would go to some of these if I had the money.

  2. Never heard of Postal Service. Do they have any songs I would know? How did they lead you to Death Cab for Cutie? And why don't you like Snow Patrol (I understand that Chicago and Air Supply are probably just too old for you, since you were just a baby when they were at the height of their popularity).