Sunday, September 7, 2008

Song of the Day: Triple up Day again

Yep, I've been a slacker again. So the three songs for today are A Ghost/Merry Little Christmas, Songbird, and Live Forever (featuring Noel Gallagher), all three are from the Unplugged album. A Ghost/Merry Little Christmas is very nice, even though it seems to just be Chris and not the whole band. Lovely piano music and Chris has the perfect voice for this song (or songs). Apparently Songbird is an Oasis song and this is Coldplay's cover so I've included a performance by Oasis of the song (it sounds very different to me from the Coldplay version. I like Coldplay's version better). As for Live Forever, this is another Oasis song and I guess Noel Gallagher is a member of Oasis. So, again, I've included the Oasis version of the song. This song is fine, but I liked A Ghost/Merry Little Christmas and Songbird better. And as for the Oasis version, I really don't like the lead singer's voice. Other than that, I like their version.

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