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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you a political liberal or a conservative?

Go to this website and take the quiz. It will tell you just how conservative or liberal you are. I scored a 17, which means that I am slightly liberal. Then post your results here. It will be interesting to see where you fall in the political spectrum (versus where you think you fall).


  1. I got a 21, so only slightly conservative. I'm not really surprised, but politics don't interest me that much. Which Andy tells me is pretty obvious ;)

  2. I don't need to take the quiz cause I already know that I don't like demis and I would blow up the quiz with how conservative I am:) Actually I think mom would take the cake on this quiz but I might be a close second.

  3. My score was 32. Not as conservative
    as Andy thought but maybe with a different set of questions would prove him right. Take the quiz Andy!

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  5. I got a 28 on this quiz which means I am conservative but not quite as much as mom. I think it was the question about who do you trust more the fbi or the irs? I chose the IRS but now that I think about it I should have chose the fbi becaus the irs cashed a check that wasn't even made out to them... hum?
    Anyway it was a fun little quiz to take but mom is right if they had some different questions I might be more conservative too.