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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

El dia de los muertos

El dia de los muertos or Day of the Dead (November 1, even though I'm posting this on October 31) is a day when Hispanic people honor loved ones who have passed away. I am choosing to honor my Grandmother Lockhart for Day of the Dead by posting this fabulous picture of her and telling you what I love about her. Grandma Lockhart had a very soft personality or way of being in the world. I grew especially fond of her the last couple of years she was alive. Even though she didn't remember people she still had the essence of her personality, and part of that was a good sense of humor. I have posted a family tree showing her maternal line back a few generations. Scroll down past the web cams to view this. Please feel free to post memories of Grandma, or anyone else you would like to honor.

Update: I have moved Grandma's picture to just after the webcams and music section.


  1. I all ways thought of my mother as a beautiful woman outward and inward. She was well educated and had many talents. Hard working and
    charitable. The most important thing she gave to me was the knowledge of my Heavenly Father and who he really was and how I could return to him and we can all be together if we so desire and willing to do what is needed to accomplish this. Thanks Mom, your daughter Linda

  2. my dearest wife
    you just cannot know how much i admire and appreciate your great mother and dad. i did like her sense of humor. she was good at tongue twisters and was always telling me "you better be looking about your business!" we had a funny (for me) time driving through the pennsylvania turnpike at high speed in a u-haul truck loaded with linda's beauty shop stuff near the end of my college career. she was sure i was going to roll the truck and kill us all. linda was pregnant with danny.